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Just a quick note to let you know how much our residents enjoyed
Jeff's performance last night.  They were in awe of his energy,
musicality, and personality and have demanded a return appearance.
Thank you, again!  It is just fantastic to see this community so engaged!
Senior Living Residence, Penfield, NY

He was awesome; in fact he is the best entertainer I've
had in 5 years.
I will definitely use him again in the future!!  Thanks!
Resident Services/Community Programs Coordinator, Rochester 2012

We had a wonderful time, and it had only a little to do
with the mild temperatures. Jeff and Danny did a great
job, and everyone appreciated the fact that Jeff worked
our company's name into the lyrics of every song!
Corporate Client - Sales Director

The Brylcreem Brothers: The staff member thought it was terrific and 
stated the elders loved it. We are definately interested in hiring 
the group again in the future. 
Senior Living Center and Nursing Home, Rochester NY

Everybody loved Jeff - we will definitely ask him back!
Memory Care Facility, Greater Rochester area

(The seniors)loved them!  We will certainly have them back.
Jeff Elliott & Danny Blues / town Halloween party 10/28/11

Jeff and Danny were excellent. The seniors loved them!
Thanks for making it possible for them to entertain at our center.
Town of Brighton

It was a good time and he did really well. The crowd seemed to like him.
Thanks for everything!!  Corporate Client, Rochester

Jeff and Danny were great! They helped make the party a success!
They really engaged with the guests:)Thanks so much.  
KP, Webster

Jeff, I just happened to stop in to the Pelican's Nest for the
first time ever tonight. You were singing Jimmy Buffet and
ou just made my depressing day disappear!  You are awesome!!
I'll be back for more!Thanks for sharing your talent!!  D.

Jeff was great!! We had a really good time.
50th Anniversary Party Rochester, NY.

So many of our guests remarked about how much they enjoyed
Jeff’s music last Friday that I thought I would pass some
of them along. They liked the light-hearted, casual mood
he set, the level he maintained, and the great breadth
of his repertoire. My wife and I were delighted with his
songs and felt that he made a happy occasion a lot of fun.
We look forward to future engagements with Jeff. 
JG, Pittsford